Musaik's offer is intended to reach children aged 6 to 16 years who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or who come from difficult economic or family circumstances. Our language is music and this is how we adress students regardless of their mother tongue.

Social goals

Children and young people from different social classes and cultural backgrounds should have the opportunity to engage intensively with music and making music together, regardless of their parents' material circumstances.

Community goals

In ensemble playing, values and competences such as tolerance, consideration, responsibility, communication skills and cooperation are learnt. Teaching these community-building values is a fundamental part of the project. This is why lessons always take place in groups or ensembles.

Personal development

By learning an instrument, participating in the orchestra and taking part in public concerts, self-confidence, patience, perseverance and concentration are strengthened. The children are also motivated to be self-disciplined and willing to perform.

Musical and artistic goals

Musical training gives the children the opportunity to get to know themselves and the language of music in a new way and to express their emotions and feelings through it. Through improvisation, they learn to work creatively and to overcome their limits and develop their potential.