Musaik offers children and young people a free, high-quality musical education in the form of instrumental lessons. These take place three times a week in groups. The programme is located in the heart of the community. No previous musical training or own instrument is required to take part.

Together - right from the start

At the beginning of the school year, taster workshops for interested children take place. The new groups, which will remain in existence for a year, come together. According to age, they are divided into orange, green, red and blue groups.

From the beginning, music is only played together in groups. These groups are divided into wind, string and percussion sections.

All children take part in the concerts right from the start, regardless of whether they have only been with Musaik for two months or two years. They are supported in the performances by teachers and volunteer instrumentalists.


Making music together in a symphonic orchestra is the musical goal of the lessons.

The success and sustainability of the programme is based on the intensity of the lessons (three times a week), group lessons and ensemble work.

Special attention is paid to the successful selection of the performed literature: in addition to classical music, age-appropriate songs from the participants' respective home countries are used, as well as film music and popular melodies. The music literature and the specially created arrangements are adapted to the needs and current technical, musical and emotional level of the students. The colour strings method and relative solmisation form the basis of the lessons.

Regular concerts

Regular concerts both in the local community and in Dresden ensure the visibility of the project and a high level of motivation.


After several years in the programme, participants are motivated to engage in peer-to-peer teaching, with advanced students teaching the beginners.