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Your donation is tax deductible. If you would like a donation receipt, we will be happy to issue one. In this case, please state your first name, surname and full address on the bank transfer.


If you would like to collect donations for us as part of an event or celebration, we will be happy to provide you with a donation box and information material. Just get in touch with us.



You can also support us conveniently with one click via PayPal, either as a one-off donation or as a monthly recurring donation.

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Whether it's new instruments, new music or teacher fees. If you would like to support a specific project of our organisation quickly and easily, take a look at our betterplace page or use the donation form below for individual and recurring donations.

We appreciate every donation that supports our work! Thank you very much!

One-time donations

Music stitcher

For €15, you enable five children to receive their own music folder. After a year, the participants will receive it and can design it themselves. A long-awaited moment!



Holiday camp

For €100, you can enable a child to take part in a 4-day holiday workshop with numerous lessons, creative activities, meals together and a final concert. The camps take place during the winter and autumn holidays.



For €1,000, you can make the realisation of a major concert possible. This includes pedagogical support from experienced teachers, artistic support as well as transport and travel costs.


Monthly donations


From €12 per month, you enable the regular use of an instrument! The instruments, most of which are donated, are made available to participants free of charge. They must be serviced and overhauled annually; replacement parts (strings, reeds, etc.) are also required.


Premises rent

From €50 per month, you enable us to hire premises for our full rehearsals. The entire music orchestra meets every Wednesday to rehearse together.





From €500 per month, you enable the complete tuition of a group/ensemble. All participants receive up to three days of lessons per week and play regular concerts. Support the idea of Musaik together with us! In this way, you can fulfil your social responsibility, e.g. as a CSR partner.