Membership & Volunteer Support


Would you like to actively help shape Musaik? Become a member of our association and get involved personally or with a supporting membership. Please use our membership application form or our online membership form.


Would you like to support the association's work financially and secure it in the long term? Become a supporting member (annual contribution of €250 for private persons and €500 for companies). This enables us to obtain long-term and predictable financing.


You can find our contribution regulations here . You can find further information in our association statutes or, of course, by contacting us directly.

Voluntary Support

Are you passionate about playing in an orchestra?

Do you like to lend a helping hand?

Do you like working with children?


Even without membership, we look forward to your support! There are numerous ways to support Musaik on a voluntary basis. In the preparation and follow-up of concerts, during project weeks or in everyday work with children and young people. We welcome everyone who helps! Simply get in touch with us!