Musaik was founded in Dresden in September 2017 on the initiative of two music educators: Luise Börner and Deborah Oehler.

The social music project opens up new perspectives for children and young people from different social and cultural backgrounds, provides them with musical training and promotes social integration and cultural participation.



Children and young people receive free music lessons in groups three times a week.

Through group lessons and ensemble playing, Musaik promotes values and skills such as tolerance, responsibility and communication as well as creative processes, self-confidence, patience and perseverance. Musaik uses music as a medium to help shape social change.

Based on the successful El Sistema model (Venezuela), Musaik uses musical training in the orchestra as a tool for social change.

Musaik offers children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to participate in the world of classical music. The intensive musical work three times a week after school creates a sense of belonging and community. Through regular public performances and workshops in the Prohlis district of Dresden, this feeling is also carried into the social space – to the parents and residents of the neighbourhood. In this way, Musaik creates equal opportunities, strengthens togetherness and changes society for the better.