Instrument donations

There are numerous unused musical instruments - and at Musaik there are also numerous players who would like to use them. If you have unplayed instruments, we will accept them both in good condition and in need of repair.


In order to enable everyone who is interested to have free, independent access to music, we provide all participating children and young people with an instrument free of charge for the duration of their participation.


We are happy about:

  • String instruments including bows (cello, viola, violin and double bass of any size)

o   Strings, including those that have already been used (preferably labelled with name and size)

o   Accessories such as shoulder rests, cello boards and chin rests

  • wind instruments

o   Transverse flutes, clarinets, saxophones

o   Trumpets, trombones, eufoniums, tubas

o   Accessories such as mouthpieces, reeds, cleaning products and accessories

  • Percussion
  • Music stands and sheet music


Unfortunately, for organisational reasons, it is not possible to simply lend an instrument to Musaik to pass on. We therefore ask you to leave the instruments entirely to the organisation and hope for your understanding. Do you have any questions or would you like to donate an instrument? Contact us!